Anti-Spam Policy

Maintaining a strict Anti-Spam Policy is ’s(Wives-in-Need) top priority and responsibility to its members, users and cyber community.

Spam is an unsolicited commercial e-mail message that is sent to a recipient that never requested an email.

It is essential that you understand that Wives-in-Need does not support or tolerate sending unsolicited commercial emails.

Our Policy

All of our members and users are strictly prohibited from sending spam email.
Our terms of engagement with all third parties, including our affiliates and third parties that provide us with direct marketing services, strictly forbid any sort of spam activity. This is clearly stated on our affiliate page and on the Anti-Spam Policy, on our sites.

Any third party working with us must declare the following:

1. All mailing lists, used by affiliates and/or direct marketers, are made up of consenting users who have joined the lists by "double-opt-in".

2. All relevant logs and data, proving that the users on the affiliates' and/or direct marketers' lists have joint in by "double-opt-in", must be kept by the affiliate and/or direct marketer.

3. Upon our request affiliate and/or direct marketer must provide us with the logs and data as proof regarding the registration of a specific user to the affiliate’s and/or direct marketers' list.

Also, we require third parties, which are involved in our direct marketing, to accept a strict document committing them to our Anti-Spam policy.

How do we operate?

If we receive a complaint regarding one of our affiliates and/or direct marketer, our Abuse Department initiates an immediate investigation.

It is important that you understand that the Abuse Department investigates every single complaint we receive! In case the Abuse Department suspects that the affiliate and/or the direct marketer is involved in spam activity, the result is termination of the account and possible forfeit of all earnings.

In extreme cases, our Legal Department is also involved.


The Company will hold the affiliate and/or the direct marketer responsible for any spam complaints received and/or to any damages resulting, directly and/or indirectly from these spam complaints. The affiliate and/or the direct marketer will indemnify the Company against all costs, claims, actions, demands, penalties and liabilities which may be incurred by the Company in respect of or arising in connection with any of the affiliate's and/or the direct marketer's activities, in case these activities involve spam activity of any kind.

Please Report Spammers:

When you report a spam complaint we make sure to investigate it. Our Abuse Team investigates each and every one of the spam complaints we receive.

If you have been spammed in any matter that is connected to Wives-in-Need, please report it to the abuse department or, submit the form below, and our Abuse Team will take immediate action. Please include the spam email to your complaint, so the Abuse Department can proceed in their investigation.

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