Age: 52
Height: 5ft-4in
Body Type: Thick
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color:
Location: Colorado-Colorado Springs
Sexual Orientation:    Straight
Marital Status: Married

i am a good girl although, i'm much better when i am being naughty. i am very attentive to my lovers needs/desires i do enjoy pleasing but also need to be fulfilled as well. all in all, not only do i consider myself to be a cool chic, i've been told on many occasions that i am awesome. guess, you'll have to just see for yourself huh also, as you can see in the picture-- i am not skinny-- i'm a curvacious mami that can take it u can spank me, pound me good and not be bruised from a skinny chics pelvic bone, pull my hair and ride me-YEE-HAWW

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