Man: wildnsxns2003 California-Los Angeles Area

This site could not be given a better and more appropriate name than Wives-in-need, because that is exactly what it is. I could not believe how many women are on this site! The very first day that I signed up, I got 4 replies back...that very day! Meeting women these days is a task in itself, and having a service like this available to men is a GREAT convenience. Thanks toMeet a Wife, I am meeting with this one woman next week!

Woman: SharonaJael0311 Utah

All I can say to this site is WOW! I heard about this site through this magazine that I subscribe to and I thought I would give it a shot. Well, within the first week of sign-up, I met this wonderful man and things have been great! ThanksMeet a Wife!

Man: yogibear Alabama-Birmingham

I used to be a member of a popular online dating service, in which I will not name (ahem...yahoo) and until discovering this site, I didn't realize what a huge waste of money the other one was. I would pay the sign-up fee just to sit around while women would either reject me, or the ones that were interested, were absolutely hideous. With Wives-in-need , I signed-up and paid the relatively cheap sign-up fee, and I could not believe the number of responses of got within the first two days...and the women were HOT!

Woman: lovin2laugh Alabama-Huntsville

This service is unbelievable. There are some hot women looking for the regular joe's, and just by looking at the results I have experienced,Wives-in-need has a pretty high return rate. I never thought that I could ever meet someone normal, and because of this site, I have been able to save my marriage with my too-busy-husband!

Man: cyberxtc California-Los Angeles Area

Hi, I have had some very intense meetings and would like to say thanks to you guys this is a very pleasing place to be you have some of the most passionate ladies within your site to be found and just to say thanks again You ladies stay sweet and hope you have been pleased as I have

Woman: titabug Arizona-Phoenix

Unbelievable response rate!!! My first 24 hours at this site filled my inbox with 55 responses to my profile.The next time I checked in it was back up to 98. This is truly a dream for a woman. I'm working as fast as I can to respond to each individual and making arrangements to meet.

Man: poliukut332 Kansas-Wichita

Hi, I have had some very intense meetings and would like to say thanks to you guys this is a very pleasing place to be you have some of the most passionate ladies within your site to be found and just to say thanks again You ladies stay sweet and hope you have been pleased as I have

Woman: l8krchk California-Other areas

This site is remarkable! This site for woman is like football for men...its something that a woman shouldn't be without. For me, its a getaway from my everyday stresses at home where I can meet a nice man with whom I can develop some sort of interaction. This site is #1 in my book!

Man: funlov117 Arizona-Tucson

thanks Wives-in-need should be called Wives-in-need Wonders because that is exactly what it is. The people on this site are real, nice and beautiful! I am happy to say that I am arranging to make plans to meet with three different women, and I could not be happier.

Woman: carla566FB791 Idaho-Other areas

Finally, someone got it right! Thanks guys!

Man: youcanrideme Florida-Miami/Ft. Lauderdale

thanks I am new to your site, and I just wanted to say that I think it is the best site that I have been too.

Woman: wretched043D1 Alabama-Birmingham

This is something that I think many woman have been on the search for. Its like getting the best of both worlds, having someone in your life (who isn't the best) while meeting someone who can make you happy! What more could a girl ask for!?!? I signed up with high expectations simply from the reviews aboutMeet a Wife that I have read and heard. Needless to say, my expectations were far exceeded. This is an unbelieveable site and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to meet that secret someone.

Man: givensu Arizona-Phoenix

The site is great. I have probaly recieved 20 or so messages since I started. Which wasent too long ago.

Woman: metsfanA016 New Mexico-Albuquerque

I thought that once I was stuck in a horrible marriage, that I could never, ever be happy again. Boy was I wrong. With this website, I am able to keep my marriage going strong because I am getting everything that my marriage is missing through someone else...and my husband doesn't know!Wives-in-need is just a great way to meet a normal person who want to have affiars. Its great, and I am so happy to have become a part of this organization!

Man: charact55 Maryland-Baltimore

Lately, it seems like when dealing with females, all there is is emotional problems. But on Wives-in-need, most of the women just want to have fun, and that is music to my ears.

Woman: kittensmailbox New York-New York City Area

After signing up to Wives-in-need, all I could ever say to myself was, "Why didn't I think of this before?" This is a matching service like no other. With the low sign-up cost and the abundance of responses I have received so far, I would never sign up to any other service out there. This site is great in that you get everything that it promises, and it is tailored to everyones needs--not just a select few. Great job guys! Keep it up! This site has blown my mind and my sex life.

Man: puspolik California-San Francisco/Oakland

I am a married guy and having the opportunity to meet a married woman who is looking for the same thing in a man is a great feeling. Knowing that there is a woman out there who does not want a serious relationship, but rather to meet someone to keep her smiling is refreshing. The fact that it is taboo makes things that much more fun.

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